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(April 19, 2020) “Stronger Through the Struggle”

from 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 and 1 Corinthians 9:34-27

While we have this tendency to try to avoid struggle…to avoid suffering at all costs, one of the things that we see consistently in Scripture is that God not only meets us in our place of struggle, but God is able to use our struggle to not only do amazing things IN us, but also amazing things THROUGH us.

As we begin this 6 week series between Easter and Lent, consider we invite you to imagine what God might be able to do if you are willing to be honest about your weakness and create space for Him to meet you there.

w/ Vern Collins and Jeff McClain

“Healing Connections: Vulnerability” (October 21, 2018)

from Mark 5:21-43

Perhaps the one thing that keeps us from experiencing the fullness of God’s ability to heal and restore and renew, both our relationship with Him and relationship with those around us, is the one thing that is most difficult for us to do…that is, admit that we are weak.

Admitting weakness, coming to terms that we don’t have it all together, that we have been hurt and that we hurt others, that we are desperate for help, that we try to put on a facade of strength, but the truth is many of us are broken and bruised and worn out.

Coming to terms with this about ourselves, naming these things…there is a word for that.  Better yet, there is a posture for that…vulnerability.

While it is one of the most difficult things for us to practice, it is the catalyst for God to bring healing in our relationship with Him and with those around us.

w/ Vern Collins

*including a special testimony from two from our Crossroads family

“Paul: Weak Made Strong” (June 5, 2016)

from 2 Corinthians 12:1-10

Think about the amount of time you spend ensuring that you, “measure up,” in the eyes of those around you.  Whether it is in the work place, in your relationships with others, as a student…or simply in the things you pursue.

We don’t want to be found lacking…we don’t want to be seen as weak…we often answer the question, “how are you doing?” with, “fine,” regardless of how we might be hurting.

Paul offers us encouragement in what just might be possible if we are willing to embrace our weakness rather than avoid it…perhaps we just might find that God becomes all the more powerful, loving, and full of grace if we are willing to offer Him those parts of us that we would hide from the rest of the world.


w/ Vern Collins